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Tom Clancy's The Division PTS. ... you cant add the firearms mod is because you already have one in there. the other 2 slots clearly say performance mod slots. those performance mods do not have stats. they are utility mods. like healing station does x% more healing. or pulse lasts 3 seconds longer or whatever. its working as intended. you can ...

Gear Mods in The Division can be applied to your Gear to improve it's Attributes.They can be crafted, acquired as drops from Enemies, or purchased from Vendors.. Only some gear has a mod slot, just like weapons have mod slots, and you add gear mod to your gear in the same method as you do in weapon mods. The Division Agents • View topic - Survival Guide – Equipment / … Mar 06, 2016 · orange - High-End - 2 Gear-Mod-Slot plus Performance Mod-Slots The rarity-level decides not only about the quality of the item but also how many attributes and how many Gear-Mod-Slots the item has. But in contrary to the Weapon-Mods that have 1 … PvE DPS Guide! - The Division™ 2 - Guides on PC, Xbox One & PS4 Jul 10, 2016 · Here i’m just going to tell you the Best In Slot pieces you should chase for if you are doing this type of build. Chest Piece should have 2 mod slots, armor and damage to elites rolled on it. You can get around 8% here. The Division – Repurposed Mods and How to Equip Them

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The Division 2 Best Weapons guide. High Stability weapons; ... if you go into the mod menu of a weapon and strip all of its mod slots, you can take off the scope, leaving you with something a bit ... The Division Gear, Gear Upgrades, Score/Rarity, Attributes ... Aside from the basic quality of a piece of equipment, the rarity also determines the amount of gear mod slots as well as attributes. However, unlike weapons, only blue gear or above can have one ... The Division 2 Mods Guide: How to Unlock Mods

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The Division Gear Attribute Sheet - Google Docs The Division Gear Attribute Sheet. Landing Page; DZ/Underground/LS XP Chart; World Tier Scaling; GS256; GS256 Classified

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Gear and mod slots - Ubisoft Forums Is there some secret about mod slots that I'm unaware of? Every youtuber that post a build video shows their gear with 4 or 5 mod slots per item screen is ... Destiny 2: Mods guide - Legendary mods, best mods, mod ... 24 Nov 2017 ... There are two main types of mod: weapon and armour. You can slot mods into any piece of armour you own and every weapon type too. How to Mod Your Guns in The Division 2 – GameSpew